First time on Instagram Instagram shares its benefits with content producers
First time on Instagram Instagram shares its benefits with content producers

Instagram platform intends to share benefits with creators for the first time in history, as the platform introduced new payment tools for content creators, including ID cards that viewers can buy when they do watch live Instagram videos and play IGTV ads. Note that the statute limits jobs during the trial period.


Badges give viewers the opportunity to support their favorite creators and feature them in comments, much like other live streaming platforms like YouTube and viewers. Choose from three different badges, each of which costs $ 0.99. The cents are $ 1.99 and $ 4.99.

Internet users can only buy one badge in a live video. After purchase, these badges will appear next to the person’s name during the live video when they post a comment that helps them stand out. It can also help creators understand the fans who support their efforts and answer their questions. In addition, creators can view a list of all badge holders.

The platform is expected to launch a new badge next month with a small group of content creators working with them in the United States. The job has been extended to other markets, including Brazil and Great Britain. The United States, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain and Mexico.

In the testing phase, Instagram does not receive a portion of the revenue from selling badges, but later represents a certain percentage.

Advertising (IGTV):

In addition to its debut, Instagram also places ads on the long IGTV video platform. So when users click preview in broadcast to watch IGTV videos, IGTV ads will first appear on mobile devices and cover their duration. It is 15 seconds.

The platform wants to know how ads are shown, because pausing the experiment at some point may affect the video’s viewing effect. The company also tests skip advertising to ensure the product is targeted at viewers, creators, and advertisers. Established.

IGTV ads must initially be tested by a few creators and advertisers in the United States, and will grow slowly over time. The company said that at least 55% of advertising revenue will go to content makers.

Instagram: "Content producers have different needs and aspirations, and it is important to provide a variety of monetization tools. To support all Instagram creators, we are happy to add these new monetization and monetization tools. Add a variety of tools that help creators achieve more Revenues ".

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