Facebook tests a free web browsing app on phones
Facebook tests a free web browsing app on phones

Facebook is testing a new app called (Discover) to promote the ambitious Free Basics program, which aims to connect people online for the first time. With the app, users can browse one of the limited free daily data metrics from the launcher's website.

Since the social network has partnered with local telecom companies like Bitel and Claro, the new app is still in beta and is being tested in Peru. There are more than 55 basic plans available in the country, which is one of the countries. (Intel) and (Movistar).

These operators can provide Discover users with the largest daily data for free, they can access any website, and the maximum daily free data varies from company to company, some of which provide 10MB per day.

The problem is that video and audio clips and some other types of huge traffic are not supported under free data, as Facebook clearly stated that the app supports low bandwidth traffic when using free data.

Product manager Yoav Zeevi said in an article: "We have found that (Discover) can help people stay online more consistently, since many Internet users around the world are still offline and are disconnecting regularly for a period of time. Data balance is missing.

"Discover discovered aims to bridge these vulnerabilities and keep people in touch so that they can buy data again."

Facebook is currently reviewing how Discover (available in the web version and in the Android mobile app, but no information is available on iOS devices) can help expand the use of balance, regular data, and support for internet penetration.

This new app deviates from the concept of Free Basics as Facebook allows users to search on certain websites for free, and the program also embraces the basic principle of internet neutrality, i.e. H. Exchange, was hit instantly on every website, the program also caused a lot of criticism from Data protection officers.

As a result, India banned Free Basics in 2016 for violating neutral internet laws, and new efforts of the social media giant appear to be trying to fix this bug by treating all websites equally.

The company stated that it will not use the navigation data in (Discover) for targeted ads and that the user does not need a Facebook account to use the service, and the giant social media has stated that its goal is to expand the plan to include Thailand, the Philippines and Iraq in the coming weeks.

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