Reuters: The United States will allow its companies to work with Huawei on 5G standards
Reuters: The United States will allow its companies to work with Huawei on 5G standards

Reuters reported today, citing individuals familiar with the matter, that the US Department of Commerce will sign a new rule allowing American companies to work with Huawei in China to develop 5G network standards.

After the U.S. Department of Commerce listed Huawei last year, some American tech companies no longer set standards with Huawei. The inclusion of Huawei in the list leaves American companies in an unsafe state and no longer knows the technologies and information employees can share with Huawei, the world's largest manufacturer of telecom devices.

Industry and government officials say this incident put the United States in a failed position. During a standardization meeting to develop 5G network protocols and technical specifications, Huawei won a greater voice while American engineers remained silent.

Industry standards are a huge advantage for telecom companies competing to make patent technology an indispensable standard, which could add several billion dollars to the bottom line.

In May last year, the US Department of Commerce included Huawei in the "List of Companies" that restricted sales of American products and technologies to the Chinese company and asked about the level of participation. American companies in organizations that set industry standards.

Two sources told Reuters that after about a year of uncertainty, the ministry had put in place new rules to solve the problem. Two sources said: The base could change, especially to allow U.S. companies to join Huawei as a standard member.

The source said: The project is under final review by the Ministry of Trade. If approved, it must be approved by other agencies. It is not known how long the process will take or whether another agency will intercept it.

"With Huawei arriving at the end of the first year, it took a long time to solve and solve this problem," said Naomi Wilson, senior policy director for Asia at the Technology Industry Board. Intel and other companies. . Wilson added: The US government wants US companies to remain competitive with Huawei. "But its policies inadvertently resulted in the loss of US companies to support Huawei-listed companies and other companies."

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