France gives Internet giants an hour to delete content
France gives Internet giants an hour to delete content

France has given social media giants and online content providers such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat an hour to remove child porn and terrorist content from their platforms or under the law imposes a French woman who has been selected for a fine of up to 4% of their total income.

Earlier in the day, the French parliament passed the controversial law on hate speech, which would fine social media companies if the illegal content was not removed within 24 hours (and sometimes less than an hour).

Under the new law, technology platforms must remove hate comments and comments on sexual harassment based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or disability within 24 hours of the user reporting in the hour following the report.

If the platform does not comply with legal regulations, it may face a fine of 1.25 million euros (US $ 1.36 million), and some legal experts and activists fear that the law will impose an unprecedented license to monitor the government's Internet activity.

"The law can provide politicians with a new tool to abuse their authority and censorship on the Internet for political gain," said La Cuadrcher du Net, spokesman for the French Association Against Internet Censorship. "One of the dangers of the law is that it is able to resist journalists, activists, and researchers who claim to be defending it."

In November last year, the European Commission asked France to postpone the adoption of the law until the issuance of the Digital Services Act, thus correcting the way the European Union platforms are regulated. Across the European Union, but French officials ignored this concern.

French President Emmanuel Macron has never been shy about taming tech giants like Facebook and Twitter, and as a symbol of its importance, the new law has been passed by the French House of Representatives since March. The first law without regard to the development of the corona virus.

A spokesperson for Facebook said in a statement: "Eliminating hatred from the Internet has been a top priority for Facebook for many years. We have clear laws against it. We have invested in people and technology to better define and remove them. We will work closely with the High Audiovisual Committee and other stakeholders to implement this is the law ".

The director of public affairs on Twitter said that the company will continue to work closely with the government to build a safer Internet and combat illegal hate speech while protecting open Internet and freedom of expression and expression, adding: Over the years, public health has always been our top priority. ""

It has been reported that Germany has a similar law requiring social media platforms to remove hate speech and fake news within 24 hours of reporting hate speech and fake news, otherwise it will be fined approximately $ 60 million and should be released for six months. A report that includes the number of legal documents received and the following substantive complaints.

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