Google suffers from a shortage of laptops
Google suffers from a shortage of laptops

Google's efforts to provide employees with the equipment they need to work from home slows the company’s ability to hire new people. The search giant tells employees that devices such as desktop and laptop computers and mobile phones can only be limited to a limited extent. If all laptop updates are used and canceled according to internal documents, the program will run.

The company spokesman said that the work on the supply of recruitment equipment is on the right track, but he admitted that since the company started in March, everyone had to work from home, and the preparation of new employees was relatively slow.

Lack of equipment is another problem that large companies have to deal with when employees work from home. In the case of the Corona pandemic, the parent company of Google, Alphabet, has transferred its 300,000 employees to a remote work environment, which has resulted in the closure of the office even if it continues to exist. The company appoints new employees.

The alphabet company Sundar Pichai, Alphabet's Alphabet, said last month with an internal note: The company has hired 4,000 new employees so far this year, but since the beginning of the year, the company has slowed its employment plan.

The employees said: In early May, documents describing the lack of equipment were available on the internal bulletin board.

One of the documents says: "Basic equipment is not readily available in many places. We are doing our best to get as many laptops as possible, but because of the lack of production capacity, this is the case." Laptops are currently not available to everyone. "

A company spokesman acknowledged that the process of recruiting qualified employees at home was slower than before, but confirmed that the process has now achieved its goal of recruiting new employees, and confirmed that the employment rate has slowed. He said, "We are trying to slow the employment rate instead of introducing many new talents on schedule at the beginning of the year."

The document also states that the equipment is limited to temporary workers, subcontractors, and sellers, and that the company prioritizes full-time new workers who have damaged, lost, or stolen equipment. The document says: "We have the opportunity to provide new temporary workers with basic equipment such as laptops.

The company has already explained its spending policy, and has told employees it will not be able to charge franchise fees, groceries, or groceries even if they have an unused budget to cancel activities like meetings and indoor events from home office furniture.

In the document, Google urged employees to be patient when describing devices and said: "We are now trying to help as many employees as possible."

According to Sundar Pichai's internal message last week, Google plans to slowly reopen the office starting in June, giving priority to those who need to work in the office and use special equipment, and those who can work from home, that can continue to work for the rest of the year. Do it at the right time.

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