Google launches a fraud prevention website
Google launches a fraud prevention website

Google has launched a website to help people learn how to turn more digital pranks on the spread of Corona virus in order to detect and prevent online fraud.

The website ( tries to show people how to recognize things like: false stimulation tests, counterfeit vaccine products or other wrong medical information, and the site also shows some typical pattern patterns, for example padding, moving the destination or buying gift cards .

Google has partnered with the non-profit cybercrime network to help victims of online fraud launch the website. The website has a test that passes common fraud cases, for example winning in Hawaii even if the recipient is not participating in the competition. Travel information. .

Google said: This happens when fraudsters use this pandemic at an alarming rate. According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Americans have more than $ 40 million in wallets and bank accounts for fraud associated with the development of the Lost Corona virus.

The Federal Trade Commission plans to lose more than $ 2 billion this year due to fraud in all areas related to coronaviruses and others.

The Federal Trade Commission warned earlier this month that the public was visiting text messages to track contacts because fraud requires personal information, such as: b. Fraudsters who need personal information Viruses track public health methods, such as - social security numbers, bank account numbers, or credit cards.

Google said: The site is specifically designed to teach older people who have lost more money than other residents due to fraud. The company encourages young people to share information on the website with the elderly.

American businessman Vint Cerf said in a post that he is a parent. "It takes the efforts of several generations, and if we learn to recognize bad actors, we can spend our time in important moments." from Google. ""

Cerf, 76, said older people should feel comfortable online.

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