Trump is preparing to issue an revenge executive order from a communications company
Trump is preparing to issue an revenge executive order from a communications company

The draft decree and sources familiar with the situation revealed that the President of the United States (Donald Trump) may order a review of a law that has long protected Facebook, Twitter, and Google companies from the documents users provide. Their communication platforms have been published via. Take responsibility.

The news was published after Trump threatened to close the communications page and accused him of suppressing conservative voices, and even after a controversy with Twitter, the company decided to put a warning sign called readers to review Trump's inefficiency via email. Validity of tweets with allegations of fraud.

Reuters - which it claims saw the decision - said the decree could change before its completion. On Wednesday, officials said Trump would sign a regulation against social media companies on Thursday. However, the signature of the order was not included in Trump's official calendar released by the White House on Thursday.

"The president's tweets can be misleading and make people think they don't have to register to vote. Our goal is to connect conflicting data points and be controversial to display information so that people can judge," Twitter CEO Jacques Dorsey said on Wednesday night on the company's website. Themselves. "

The FCC Decree requires recommendations and clarifications for the rules set out in Section 230 of Label and Etiquette, a federal law that largely excludes digital platforms from material user liability. These changes could expose technology companies to more lawsuits.

The FCC is responsible for verifying that the content provider's content-handling procedures result in a loss of protection under Section 230. The agency also needs the ability to implement misleading content control strategies through the communications platform and requires that its policies do not comply with its own terms of use.

The system design also indicates that the White House Digital Strategy Office will recreate a tool that citizens can use to report Internet censorship cases. The tool collects inspection complaints online and submits them to the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission.

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