IBM introduces new solutions for IT managers
IBM introduces new solutions for IT managers

The challenges facing IT managers today are more complex and sensitive than ever before, as these executives want to help their companies recover and return to work after the global crown. To this end, IBM announced at the Think Digital Conference a number of new AI services and services that IT managers can use to automate their IT infrastructure to improve their resilience and resilience to future disturbances and reduce costs.

According to IDC market research projections, companies using artificial intelligence technologies are responding 50% faster to customers, competitors, regulators, and partners than non-AI companies.

To achieve this goal, IBM introduced the new Watson AIOps system, which uses artificial intelligence to automate business processes in detection, diagnosis, and instant response to problems in the computer system. Computer system malfunctions and interruptions can seriously affect sales and company reputation. A report from Aberdeen Market Research shows that the cost of stopping for all companies is $ 260,000 an hour.

Watson AIOps is designed to help companies implement infrastructure automation by helping IT managers raise expectations and achieve better results in the future. They can also allocate resources to more valuable companies and deliver them faster. The reaction speed to build a smart grid can be used for a long time.

Based on the latest release of IBM OpenShift, the new system can be used in all mixed cloud environments and is compatible with major technologies (such as Slack and Box) in today's distributed business environments. The system can also be used with traditional IT solution providers such as Matermost and Service Now.

As part of the new product, IBM also announced the use of artificial intelligence to accelerate application updates as part of the IBM Cloud Update service. These new features are designed to help customers reduce the burden and costs associated with updating applications. It provides a set of tools that can be used to improve the process of updating from start to finish and speed up business activities. Providing advice on various engineering and precision services.

Accelerators also use lifelong learning features and analytical AI models to adapt to customer-preferred software development practices and keep pace with the development of different technologies and platforms.

It should be noted that many of the application and accelerator update technologies that Watson AIOps relies on are developed by IBM Research.

`` We have heard from companies around the world that the three most important factors in the successful implementation of AI technology in the organization are language, automation and confidence, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the increasing demand for commercial technology, '' said Rob Thomas, senior vice president of IBM Cloud and Data Platform. From a distance, it has become extremely imperative to develop unprecedented AI-based automation functions with unprecedented speed and speed. Through automation, we can help the next generation of IT managers and their teams prioritize today's digital enterprise activities by managing and extracting data to implement consistent ideas and achieve consistent ideas. Help reduce costs and achieve better business results. . ""

Today's offer is combined with announced commercial solutions to address the effects of Covid-19. This helped the company to continue its activities and progress in the face of uncertainty in the current business environment. Companies and organizations are turning to IBM services and the latest cloud, data and artificial intelligence solutions to recover from the effects of the epidemic.

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