Twitter is testing the functionality to warn of abuse of tweets
Twitter is testing the functionality to warn of abuse of tweets

Twitter said today: It will test a new feature that will notify those who respond to other Tweets in abusive language by sending instant alerts.

When the user clicks the Send Response button, the user is notified if the word in the reply is similar to the word used in the reported tweets and asked if they want to change it.

Twitter has long had to remove hate and attack content from its platform, which is controlled by users who report Tweets that violate website rules and algorithms.

"We are trying to encourage people to rethink their behavior and language before publishing because they are many. They may be in trouble with very little remorse," Sunita Saligram, global director of global trust and security policy on Twitter, said in an interview with Reuters.

Twitter policy does not allow users to target defamatory, racist, sexual, or abusive content. Between January and June of last year, Twitter took action against nearly 396,000 accounts under the Abuse Policy and 584,000 accounts as part of the Anger Policy, according to the Transparency Report.

Twitter said that the experiment was the first experience of the company and will start today for at least a few weeks. It will work globally, but only for English tweets.

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