Iranian hackers are trying to penetrate an American drug company to steal Corona treatment
Iranian hackers are trying to penetrate an American drug company to steal Corona treatment

According to public network records reviewed by Reuters and three cybersecurity researchers, hackers associated with Iran have become targets for American drug company Gilead Sciences employees in the past few weeks as the company has been rushing to find a cure for emerging aura viruses (COVID-19)). .

In an archived version of the website used to analyze malicious URLs, hackers in one case last April sent a fake email login page to steal executive passwords from corporate CEOs involved. .

Ohad Zaidenberg, chief analyst at ClearSky, the cyber security company, is closely monitoring and investigating Iranian pirate attacks. He said: This attempt is part of the Iranian organization that uses the following information to break into email accounts of company employees: pretending to be a journalist.

Reuters quoted other researchers in the field of cybersecurity as saying that these researchers should not discuss their analysis publicly, and confirmed that network domains and hosting servers were used in the hacking attempts linked to Iran.

The Iranian mission to the United Nations denied any involvement in the attack. His spokesman, Ali Reza Mariusevi (Ali Reza Mariusevi), said: "The Iranian government did not participate in cyber war. He added: "Cyber ​​internet activities are purely defensive and could protect them from Iran. New attacks on infrastructure."

A spokesman for Gilead declined to comment on Reuters, noting the company’s policy not to discuss cybersecurity issues. Reuters said: It can not determine whether the attack was successful. However, hackers try to show how cyber spies around the world can focus on gathering information about the virus.

Reuters reported in recent weeks that infiltrators with ties to Iran and other organizations have tried to attack the World Health Organization. Infiltrators linked to Vietnam contacted the Chinese government for information about its management of the coronavirus epidemic. .

A few days ago, the United Kingdom and the United States warned that government-sponsored hackers are targeting pharmaceutical companies and research institutes dedicated to treating this new disease. The joint statement did not reveal which organization had been attacked, but two people familiar with the situation said: One of the targets is Gilad, his antiviral drug is the only treatment that has been shown to help people. COFED-19 patients. ).

It is noteworthy that Iran was severely affected by (Covid-19), which is the country with the largest number of deaths in the Middle East. To date, the disease has caused more than 260,000 deaths worldwide and has sparked competition between governments, private drug companies and treatment researchers worldwide.

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