Singapore uses a robotic dog due to Corona
Singapore uses a robotic dog due to Corona

The Singaporean authorities have started recruiting robotic dogs to reduce coronavirus infection (COVID-19) by requiring people to politely maintain a social distance.

Singapore uses the SPOT bot - a robot controlled by Boston Dynamics in the United States - as part of a two-week trial. Spot robot was first introduced today in Central Park. If successful, additional robots are added. When closed, you will monitor the green areas of the country.

The robot wandered around people and said in English and in a female voice: "Let Singapore stay healthy." He said: "For your safety and this is around you, please put at least one meter. Thank you."

It should be noted that Singapore imposes heavy fines and even prison terms for those who violate strict rules of closure. This small country with just 5.7 million people suffers from more than 21,000 injuries, and it is one of the highest injuries in Asia, due to the mass casualties of migrant workers who rarely visit tourists who live in narrow dormitories.

According to the regulations that ensure closure until the end of June 1, residents are only permitted to leave their homes to purchase basic items such as groceries and masks should always be worn in public places. Outdoor sports are allowed, but must be done separately.

It should be noted that Spot is not the only robot that uses Singapore because it uses another robot in the form of a small car that warns people against "lounging" and "blocking parties."

The robot can cross the territory of the park area, the authority responsible for the spot experience said in a statement. Not only does the robot issue warnings to remind visitors of social distance measurements, but it is also equipped with cameras and analysis tools to estimate the number of people in the park.

The authorities said that the camera was unable to track people or record personal information. SPOT was recently tested and can be used in makeshift hospitals to provide medicines for patients.

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