Nvidia rebuilt Pac-Man in just four days
Nvidia rebuilt Pac-Man in just four days

Nvidia is famous for its graphics cards, but the company is also seriously looking for artificial intelligence and showed in the show how GameGAN rebuilt a playable version of "Pac-Man" after four days. Players are playing.

When the game first appeared on May 22, 1980, it had a record time in the development process because the design, development and programming process took up to 17 months, but NVIDIA only needs four days after 40 years. Training system to rebuild the entire game.

Nvidia said it will make the reconstructed AI game available for free and for free on the Internet. "The AI ​​can understand the inputs and methods that players can use to enter the game, you can just learn everything by watching," said Simulated Technology.

"It's like human programmers who see a lot of" Pac-Man "on YouTube, derive game rules and rebuild rules, and work with the game's inventor (Bandai Namco) to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the game's beginnings."

The company indicated that the project demonstrates how artificial intelligence can be used to design games in the future, so that artificial intelligence can help developers distinguish and design new levels, and that the integration method can be used to bring different games together, allowing merging games to give developers more performance.

Although the new version does not quite match the old version, the image is out of focus and the AI ​​does not seem to be able to understand the exact behavior of the game ghosts, but the main decorations of the game exist, such as: lead food, avoid ghosts and try to survive.

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