American technology companies cooperate with Chinese watchdogs
American technology companies cooperate with Chinese watchdogs

According to a new report, several U.S. technology companies, including Amazon, Microsoft and Google, have provided various online services to Chinese regulators accused of blacklisting the U.S. Department of Commerce.

In his report, he said that Top10VPN is a website that examines VPN services and discusses privacy issues: it identifies the American tech giant that provides the basic web services that support these corporate pages. .

In October, the United States added some major AI companies to China (for example, Huawei's blacklist) to restrict Chinese watchdogs' access to American technology.

According to Washington, these companies are suspected during the widespread crackdown and arbitrary arrest, as well as high-tech surveillance of Chinese, Kazakh Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in the Xinjiang region of China.

China's Xinjiang region made headlines about the detention and rehabilitation camps of 1.5 million Muslims, Amnesty International described many of them as very restrictive and discriminatory, while China said it was designed to counter extremism the opposite. .

According to Top10VPN, some services provided by U.S. technology companies include hosted authentication methods for monitoring corporate websites and email.

"American companies are playing a role in the global spread of human rights violators by providing essential web services to these controversial companies," Simone Migliano, director of research at Top10VPN, said in the report.

The report uses a number of generic tools to check website source code and analyze traffic to these sites to determine participating US companies.

(Top10VPN) claims that Google and Amazon have provided network services to two Chinese companies, Dahua Technology and Hikvision. The report also indicated that SenseTime and Megvii use Microsoft services. These two companies are the most expensive AI companies in China.

The report cites several other American technology companies, including website authentication and Digicert, Lets Encrypt, Entrust and GeoTrust. Hikvision also provides delivery services for Twitter and Facebook content.

Domain hosts GoDaddy and Symantec (network security company, now known as NortonLifeLock) have been reported to report web app and cloud content stacking and security comparison.

The report says that there is still a relationship between Chinese and American companies, (Meliano) said: "Despite the Trump administration's efforts to separate the American technology sector from China, American companies are still present in more covert companies indicating circumstances that cooperation between the two parties continues. ""

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