Report: leaked full early version of iOS 14 months ago
Report: leaked full early version of iOS 14 months ago

According to a report Vice, security researchers, hackers and bloggers have been able to access previous versions of iOS 14 since "at least February."

After several leaks occurred in the expected Apple OS in the past few months, it may appear that the leak is due to an earlier version of the system.

Although in the months and weeks leading up to the official announcement, there are usually some small details about Apple software updates, it is rare for a full full version of the system to be launched a few months before the announcement. This may be the first time on an Apple computer. Too early, according to news on Vice.

To date, 14 new fitness apps, PencilKit API for pens, iMessage app updates, new startup screen and third-party app tests have been released by scanning on iOS.

It should be noted that Apple announced the first beta of the next generation of iOS at the Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC in the second half of the past few years. WWDC this year seems to be suffering from this situation again.

Apple is concerned about the new Corona virus epidemic and announced plans to hold a WWDC 2020 online developer conference in mid-March.

The company said at the time that the event, which had been confirmed to start on June 22nd, would offer a "new digital experience", including traditional Apple announcements and developer conferences.

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