Newspaper: Britain is moving to cut Huawei's participation in 5G networks
Newspaper: Britain is moving to cut Huawei's participation in 5G networks

British newspaper (Daily Telegraph) announced that Prime Minister (Boris Johnson) plans to reduce Huawei's stake in the British 5G communications network after the spread of the epidemic of COVID-19.

Johnson urged officials to cut China's participation in British infrastructure to zero by 2023.

The newspaper said that Johnson should reduce its dependence on China to negotiate trade with President Donald Trump after the British left the European Union. And Friday reported earlier that the Times had ordered officials to end Britain's dependence on major medical supplies from China and other strategic imports.

Criticize China's response to the coronavirus. Beijing denies US allegations of the blackout.

"He (Johnson) still wants to build relations with China, but the deal with Huawei is being severely cut," the Daily Telegraph quoted a source as saying. He added that he instructed officials to formulate reduction plans as soon as possible. Huawei's participation.

The move is seen as a major shift in Britain's position, especially after its confirmation in late April that Huawei could play a role in building 5G networks. In January, the UK decided to give Huawei access to non-sensitive parts of the government network, reducing its stake by 35%.

The United States has raised security concerns about Huawei devices and warned that allies who use devices on their network may interrupt the exchange of useful information when exchanging information with Huawei.

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