Report: Renewed cell phone sales drop
Report: Renewed cell phone sales drop

A new report by market research firm Counterpoint Research showed that the decline in delivery in the smart phone market in 2019 also affected the renewable cell phone area.

According to the report, manufacturers sold 137 million renewable devices (representing 9% of total mobile phone sales), down 1% from the previous year. Sales decreased in markets such as Europe, China and the United States, while sales increased in India, Latin America and Africa.

(This is the first downturn in the revamped home appliance market in four years. Jeff Feldhak, Director of Counterpoint Research said, “This trend is changing because many consumers prefer to continue to buy cheap new smartphones and now in major markets (like the US and Europe) have many From consumers, there are other factors, such as a weak economy and a lack of a suitable ecosystem, which makes it profitable for renewable phone companies.

Refurbished smartphones are usually returned to the company's new devices after a certain period of use due to a bug fix. The company then replaces, tests, and sells certain components, especially batteries.

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