Microsoft introduces a Linux graphics application in Windows 10
Microsoft introduces a Linux graphics application in Windows 10

Microsoft has promised to greatly improve WSL by supporting graphical user interface (GUI) applications and GPU hardware acceleration, as the software giant now plans to support the Linux GUI applications that it is working on. In parallel with. And classic Windows applications.

(Windows Subsystem for Linux) or (WSL) is a compatibility layer for executable binary files under Linux under Windows 10, which Microsoft announced in May 2019 (WSL 2). It brings big changes, like a real Linux kernel with a subset of functions (Hyper-V).

Windows 10 currently runs on 1 billion active devices every month, including computers, Xbox One, and HoloLens. This makes it a huge platform and the OS should be able to run apps soon. (Linux GUI), i.e. Linux and Windows versions can be run from Firefox.

Integration facilitates the use of the open source platform on Windows, and developers had previously had to configure third-party servers to run Linux graphics applications. Poor graphics performance has always been a problem.

Microsoft also promised to fix the issue, as Windows 10 will soon add additional support to GPU acceleration with Linux tools and focus on development solutions with parallel PC models. D- Machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Windows 10 Insiders GPU hardware acceleration will be introduced in the coming months, and Microsoft plans to release more information on the Linux GUI schedule later this year.

Obviously, all the recent improvements made to Linux directly target developers who want to use Windows as a development tool, and after Microsoft surprised everyone four years ago by adding (Shell Bash) to Windows, the latest Windows brought powerful improvements. .

Microsoft added (OpenSSH) in Windows 10 and made (Ubuntu), (SUSE Linux), and (Fedora) available in the Windows Store and started the Windows Terminal command line as a preview. Last year, the software giant also worked on Linux file integration for improvement in Windows 10 (File Explorer).

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