Review LG WH16NS40-KIT 16X Internal Blu-ray Drive
LG WH16NS40-KIT 16X Internal Blu-ray Drive

The LG WH16NS40 comes with a combo kit that includes a 4-pin to 2-SATA power cable divided into 2 SATA connectors that can power two drives. The combo set also includes 4 drive mounting screws and the Nero12 Essentials software.

This review is about copying with Reader 4k. This device comes with 1.03 firmware, but it also has SVC N50 code instead of N40. This means that the device's firmware can be reduced to 1.02 and 4K drives can be burned. Another feature of the CD disc is that LG does not have a shelf. If you are not interested in this feature, but just want to use it like a regular Blu-ray burner, you will need to buy or purchase Blu-ray authoring software and burn different software. Nero is a trial version only, you have to buy it. I now have two flames of this type, one without 4K and the other with 4K. 200 million tablets and 500 barrels a day were burned with older devices and still work normally after two years. With impressive age and high quality of life, I now have two people.

LG WH16NS40-KIT 16X Internal Blu-ray Drive Specs
  • Integrated Blu-ray Disc Player
  • Blu-ray Disc Player
  • Mdisc M supports DVD book
  • 16 times the writing capacity on BD-R
  • DVD writing speed is 16 times

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