Review PrimeTracking OBD-2 Vehicle Tracker
PrimeTracking OBD-2 Vehicle Tracker

PrimeTracking OBD-2 Vehicle Tracker

Whatch out. Make sure your car is safe. Be ahead of mechanical problems.
CARSMART makes your car smarter. Real-time GPS tracking, easy to install in real time, just slide it to the connector under the steering wheel. With CARSMART you can follow the direction and location of the vehicle, give accurate instructions, remind you of the time to enter or exit a specific area, and much more.

Simply plug in the power source, you can locate your vehicle in real time, track flight history and driving habits, and even get a warning before a mechanical failure occurs. Download the CARSMART app to a tablet or laptop, then easily control all the information you need on a smartphone.

Site monitoring
Is your car safe? Has your family reached where you should be? Do they go where they say to find your car and check people driving in real time? Or define the geographical fence and remember when to cross it.

You can find it on the map
With Google Maps with satellite support, you can view the location, address, and path directly

Troubleshoot problems before they occur

It monitors the systems of all your vehicles and informs you of maintenance and repair issues. Do not be surprised by the "Check Engine" screen, otherwise the battery will be empty.

Stop the opportunity to drive and accelerate
Find out if someone is driving too fast or attracting you. Get safe driving warnings about speed, fast acceleration, powerful braking and even narrow turns.

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