Review ShieldGPS Magnetic Portable GPS Tracker
ShieldGPS Magnetic Portable GPS Tracker

The final solution for the battery-powered GPS tracker is the AT1 with a long-lasting battery (2-3 weeks per charge), an optional charging cable and a magnetic back plate that can be easily attached to a metal surface. It can also play real-time audio from anywhere by simply calling the tracker phone number.

Use this professional tracking tool to constantly monitor people, vehicles and devices. It's only half the size of a typical cell phone, and it's small enough to put it in the pocket, hide in clothes, then attach it to vehicles and bikes. With the attached magnetic back plate (which can be attached if needed), the tracker can be easily installed on metal surfaces, including the underside of vehicles and equipment.

AT1 can be operated outdoors in weather conditions and is waterproof (protection level IP67).

Your subscription includes full access to our tracking platform and apps (available on desktop computers as well as IOS and Android application networks) that allow you to track device location in real time (updates) often every 10 seconds) in the United States, Canada, or Mexico. You can also access the device’s log a few months ago and configure alerts to follow when the device enters or follows the tracker (geo-fence) interruption (sabotage detection). If need to charge (low battery alarm), report.
Review ShieldGPS Magnetic Portable GPS Tracker
ShieldGPS Magnetic Portable GPS Tracker

ShieldGPS Magnetic Portable GPS Tracker Specs
  • Real-time GPS tracking: Use IOS, Android and web applications to locate the vehicle in real time
  • Amazing Features: The location is updated every 10 seconds, creates a geographical environment and alerts the alarm when the device enters or leaves the area, detecting vandalism, and uses the location and reading history to find the position of your car during the day a speed alert to notify you of the danger of dangerous driving. SOS button warns someone about an emergency
  • Real-time voice: Just dial the follower's phone number to understand what's going on (requires a real-time voice plan).
  • Subscription required. Starting at $ 9.99 per month, unlimited GPS tracking in real time. $ 14.99 / month (if you want to combine two hours of real-time audio). Including SIM card, data tracking and applications. You can change or cancel the plan at any time

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