Samsung has announced the tactical version of the Galaxy S20
Samsung has announced the tactical version of the Galaxy S20

Samsung has announced that the new version of the Galaxy S20 is the Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition, which is a military smartphone that can perform tasks because the phone is compatible with (Galaxy S20) or (Galaxy S20 Plus). Or (Galaxy S20 Ultra) was previously released.

Although the tactical version of S20 is advertised as a smartphone that can be used for military purposes, the Galaxy S20 is still a classic, but it does have software features and other security options in the case of a single use.

From a hardware perspective, the device is compatible with (Galaxy S20 5G) because it has a 6.2-inch (OLED) screen, Snapdragon 865 processor, 12 GB RAM, 128 GB internal memory, 5G network support and triple rear view camera system.

According to Samsung, the tactical version of the Galaxy S20 meets the special needs of government and defense personnel by providing additional software features that support off-road navigation and remote navigation, as well as loss of connection to the console.

This includes a night vision mode that turns off the screen when wearing night vision goggles, an option to unlock the phone when the phone is in landscape mode, an incognito mode that disrupts LTE and stops all frequencies wirelessly moving out. The entire network connection is established and this mode is displayed in "aviation" mode, but with name changes.

Samsung has talked about the benefits of the platform (DeX) for military users, because computer simulation mode means that the operator can use the device to perform reports, training, or scheduled tasks while driving in a car or base since the release of the Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition with a range of devices can be used together. Station to meet the requirements of tactics and covert applications.

Samsung also depends on its security system called (Knox), which has a dual coding system called (DualDAR). The company stated that its security system meets various US government safety standards for data security but protection. There is no significant difference between the system and the security protections of consumers and businesses. Via the mobile phone (Galaxy S20).

The company developed the device in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense to meet the needs of military teams and information technology. The South Korean giant Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition will not sell to ordinary consumers, but the device will not be available until later in the third quarter. Only then can it be delivered to specific partners without announcing specific prices or publication dates.

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