Windows provides a new way to easily install programs
Windows provides a new way to easily install programs

Microsoft introduces a new package manager for Windows users. It is a command line interface that allows Windows developers and users to find, view, and install frequently used applications with a single command. Therefore this tool was developed to avoid reinstalling the usual application. Also pay attention to the download link and issues with your computer hardware when you need to configure a new Windows PC.

While it is relatively easy to create scripts to install favorite applications from a command prompt, the Windows Store should be the central location for all Windows applications, but Microsoft is promoting the Universal Windows Basic System (UWP), which symbolizes traditional and useful Win32 desktop applications. Programs without these programs are not listed in the store.

This has changed in the years since the release of Windows 10, but it looks like the store is still deserted. Most Windows users and even Windows developers ignore the Windows Store and use package management tools (such as (Chocolatey). From the web.

The problem that Microsoft provides to manage Windows packages is important because the command line tool is more useful than the Windows Store and users can type "Winget install Steam" to install the latest version of the Steam Valve app on the program's computer. The app is not yet available in the Windows Store.

Windows Package Manager offers many applications such as (Zoom), (WinRAR), and (Logitech Harmony Remote), but it is not present in the Windows Store.

Since Windows Package Manager is still under review, not all available apps that users may want to purchase are available. Since Microsoft runs its apps separately, it is not yet possible to use the Windows App Store through the Windows Package Manager app.

The company plans to support store apps with future updates. Microsoft requires developers to help improve the Windows Package Manager because the entire project is open source so that other package managers can use company-approved packages and software. Vendors can use Windows Package Manager as a channel. Distribute applications as Windows Store.

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