Samsung launches new TV to work outside the home
Samsung launches new TV to work outside the home

After dominating the home TV market, Samsung has announced the launch of a new external TV.

The Korean company today announced the launch of a new TV balcony that displays 4K images and supports HDR10 +. It is the latest in a range of "lifestyle" televisions, including devices like Serif, Frame and Sero.

Designed for outdoor use, the balcony is water and dust resistant according to IP55 standard and has a brightness of 2000 lumens to work in the sun.
Samsung launches new TV, it can work at home

A 55-inch TV model costs $ 4,999, while a 75-inch TV model costs $ 6,499. It has an enhanced QLED image for outdoor work, a wide viewing angle against glare, and supports Quantum HDR 32X technology and Quantum 4K processor.

The platform uses a metallic design and Tizen TV supports robotic technologies such as active subwoofers and Dolby Digital Plus (Dolby Digital Plus).

Samsung has announced plans to launch televisions in the US and Canada starting today, and will launch televisions in other countries / regions later this year: Germany, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. Samsung said that in addition to the consumer model, it also plans to launch a "professional" version in 2020.

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