Google refuses to build artificial intelligence tools for oil recovery
Google refuses to build artificial intelligence tools for oil recovery

Google has pledged to stop the on-demand AI tool that oil and gas companies can use to extract oil worldwide. It is the first major cloud service provider to do this.

The tech giant has many power customers who use Google's cloud system to host and process data. Therefore, they can run their computer systems through Google data center.

Google will not develop dedicated machine learning algorithms that companies can use to discover and prospect for oil, but it will provide artificial intelligence to renewable energy companies.

Shell, BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil and many other companies have resorted to cloud technology to use artificial intelligence to find and use more oil and gas wells and reduce production costs.

According to HG Insights, the oil and gas industry is expected to spend $ 1.3 billion on cloud services by 2020.

A Google spokesperson said: “Google Cloud is a common infrastructure and platform computing. Therefore, companies in many industries have the platform to operate their IT systems in the cloud. However, we will not use custom algorithms such as“ oil extraction and gas industry. ”

“We continue to attract renewable energy providers, many of whom understand primarily the benefits of the cloud to help them achieve their goals, such as: AES Corporation, Veolia and Simple Energy, and we are working with several partners to help develop dedicated algorithms for artificial intelligence and renewable energy. Energy companies. ""

Google's oil and gas revenue in 2019 is about $ 65 million, or less than 1% of total revenue (Google Cloud). The oil and gas research giant will leave after the head of the oil, gas and energy division (Daryl Willis) has left, and this was identified in (Google Cloud) in 2018.

Willis (Willis) left Google in 2019 to become vice president of energy at Microsoft. The research giant no longer has any specific business for oil and gas. Google signed an international oil services company (Schlumberger) in 2019. An agreement in which Schlumberger sold Google programs to other oil and gas companies.

New Greenpeace report entitled "How technology companies are helping to make huge profits from oil by destroying the climate." According to the report, oil and gas companies are increasingly relying on cloud technology to discover oil. The company's contract violated its independent commitment to climate.

The report pointed out that Microsoft provides artificial intelligence in every stage of oil production to work closely with oil and gas companies. According to Greenpeace, Microsoft's contract with ExxonMobil could obscure the recently announced goal of achieving negative carbon dioxide emissions by 2030.

Microsoft responded to the report in an article: "We agree that the world is facing an imminent carbon problem. We must do everything and accelerate a carbon-free future."

“The truth is that global energy is now coming from fossil fuels. As living standards improve, the world will need more energy, making achieving a carbonless future one of the most complex changes in human history.

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