Samsung takes another step to compete with TSMC
Samsung takes another step to compete with TSMC

Samsung Electronics has started building the sixth national advanced chip production line under the contract system. Therefore, this new production line should help to compete with Taiwan semiconductor manufacturer (TSMC) in producing silicone chips for external customers.

South Korea's largest company said it had started creating custom slides at the customer facility because it wanted to compete with TSMC in customer orders like Qualcomm. 5 nm from Pingze, dominant field (TSMC). .

Samsung plans to manufacture logic chips for mobile phones and computers and hopes to reduce its market reliance on volatile memory chips.

The company said in a statement: "The new production unit will increase the production capacity of Samsung. The company plans to use UV technology (EUV) to produce 5 nanometers advanced through its new production line at the Pingze facility in the second half of the year. Next year. Chip."

This is Samsung's latest bid to bridge the TSMC gap as the South Korean giant lags behind in the contract manufacturing (TSMC) process by announcing its intention to contract the world's largest TSMC chip manufacturer last week. A $ 12 billion plant in Arizona.

Samsung currently has five chip production lines in South Korea and one chip production line in the United States. The company announced last year that it plans to invest $ 115 billion over the next ten years to advance the development of the logic chip business and accelerate its efforts to increase control of the global semiconductor industry. .

The company announced that it not only distributed $ 52.1 billion in manufacturing facilities and infrastructure used by various clients to manufacture the chips, but also invested $ 63.4 billion in South Korean research and development.

Customs data show that Korean chip exports increased by 13.4% in the first 20 days of May, while exports of mobile devices and cars decreased by 11.2% and 58%. 6%.

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