Tesla loses $ 14 billion with Elon Musk's tweet
Tesla loses $ 14 billion with Elon Musk's tweet

The market value of electric car maker Tesla (Tesla) has fallen due to a number of strange tweets from company founder Elon Musk, including a tweet that has lost up to $ 14 billion in market value over time. The company's share is very high. Another tweet said she would sell almost all of her possessions.

Tesla's market value lost $ 3 billion, and a few days later the company announced strong financial results, despite the fact that the virus caused production to stagnate. Musk chirp that the stock price immediately fell. Sell ​​millions of shares in minutes.

Tesla CEO expressed his opinion on Twitter platform that the increasingly common coronavirus is not as bad as the media described, and expressed his view on the United States should stay at home. He described it as house arrest and violation of constitutional rights.

Musk's tweet about Tesla's future, released in August 2018, fined him $ 20 million for allegedly receiving funds to convert Tesla into a private company, which resulted in U.S. securities transactions. The commission lodged a complaint against him.

At that point, he agreed to provide the legal advisor with all tweets containing important information about the company before the legal advisor was posted on the platform. A federal judge said in early April: Tesla and Musk should act against the contributors to this tweet. This includes allegations that Musk intentionally deceived her. .

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