The most important new features and timing of iOS 13.5
The most important new features and timing of iOS 13.5

Apple has released a new beta for iOS 13.5. The beta includes three major changes, the most important of which is that it includes the first release of the Corona Virus Tracking API, which Apple has linked to Google. When will Apple release the final update to all users?
What's new in iOS 13.5?

This release includes three major changes, all of which are clear responses to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19):

1- First version of Corona Virus Tracking System API:

IOS 13.5 includes the first release of Corona Virus Tracking System API, which is based on Bluetooth contact tracking. This feature allows you to inform others that you are contacting a person with coronavirus, and vice versa.

According to Apple, the iPhone uses Bluetooth connectivity technology to securely share random IDs with neighboring devices and capture their IDs. This allows the system to notify you when you are exposed to the corona virus. These random IDs are deleted after 14 days. You can also share "Corona Virus Diagnostics" anonymously.

This release does not track communications, but it sets a framework for public health office developers to create their own applications that can handle exposure notifications, and Apple has adapted beta versions of the API to Corona Virus for public health developers to obtain data. .

2- Open iPhone easily when wearing the snout:

(IOS 13.5) If you are wearing a snout, it will be easier for you to unlock the iPhone so that Face ID recognizes that you are wearing a mask and goes directly to the password screen to unlock the phone.

3- Edit the group video call in FaceTime:

In addition to the changes in facial recognition technology, Apple changed the FaceTime Group video call so that users can turn off dynamic zooming during the call, which automatically extends the participant window when they speak and can click to select the people they want to follow. New fixed window interface.

IOS 13.5 also added new settings to disable this functionality by following these steps:
  •     Go to (Settings).
  •     Scroll down to FaceTime and click on it.
  •     Here you can deactivate the option (auto tag) by pressing the button next to it.

IOS 13.5 release date?

Everyone must release at least one other beta version of iOS 13.5 before releasing the final version. If Beta 1 goes as planned, we are planning to launch the new iOS 13.5 and new Corona Virus Tracking System API in mid-May.

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