The speed of the SD Express card has been significantly improved
The speed of the SD Express card has been significantly improved

SD, the organization that developed memory card standards, has announced that SD Express memory cards have significantly increased their top speed with the new SD Express 8.0 specifications. Therefore it should be possible to transfer SD Express cards at 3940Mbps.

As the file size continues to grow, it is important to keep the volume up to date, especially removable storage. Although the standard continues to use NVMe Express, it uses two-track connection (PCIe 4.0) to gain more bandwidth.

The new SD Express, based on the SD Express 8.0 specification, is four times faster than users who have the current SD Express (985 Mbps).

Compared to the fastest (SD UHS-III) card (624 Mbps), the new specifications also mean a massive jump in speed.

However, the new SD Express speed requires the use of a PCIe 4 card reader. Otherwise, the speed is halved when using PCIe 3, which corresponds to approximately 1920MB per second.

The SD Association also announced that the new SD Express specifications will be available on a number of cards, including (SDHC), (SDXC), and (SDUC).

This is extremely important because with the advent of televisions, cameras and phones, the image and video recording accuracy has increased in 4K and 8K resolution and sound can be removed with sufficient capacity and transmission speed. Correctly storing data is becoming increasingly important.

SD Association officially announced SD Express 8.0, but cards that support this new standard may not be available for some time, because SD card manufacturers (such as Sony and Samsung) may need time to implement SD Express. New SD Express 8.0 spec.

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