The United Nations warns of the danger of increased use of the Internet by children due to Corona
The United Nations warns of the danger of increased use of the Internet by children due to Corona

The United Nations agency said today that children use the Internet now when they are younger. Spend more time on the Internet. Due to the prevalence of coronavirus (COVID-19), they are more at risk of bullying and the risk of bullying. .

The Geneva-based International Telecommunication Union (ITU) estimates that 1.5 billion children have left school because they took closure measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus and forced them to use the Internet for research. Learning, their social life and their hobbies.

"Many children contact much earlier than their parents, even if they are young, but they do not protect themselves from harassment or online harassment. Skills," said ITU President Dorin Bogdan Martin at an online news conference. "Another thing is the time the child spends on the Internet after studying, whether it's learning, entertainment, games and social communication ..."

Bogdan Martin added that the International Federation, which works to set standards and guidelines, is working to speed up the dissemination of child protection recommendations online and over the next two weeks.

Doctors and psychologists have warned of the effects of the epidemic, saying that the spread of the virus that causes anxiety disorders can cause pain in children. However, the International Telecommunication Union stated that the Internet was a "very important digital lifeline". This epidemic highlights the so-called "digital divide" between those who have access to the Internet and those who cannot access the Internet.

Bogdan Martin said: Preventing access to the Internet can have severe consequences for children's education. The International Telecommunication Union works with UNICEF to enable them to communicate over the second generation networks. She added: "If the events that have not been seen in the past few months clearly indicate one thing, it is the vital and vital importance of communication."

The agency estimates that about 3.6 billion people cannot access the Internet, many of whom are forced to pay a large portion of the communication costs or have poor connections.

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