Facebook is dismantling Iran's disinformation network
Facebook is dismantling Iran's disinformation network

Facebook said that the Iranian State Broadcasting Corporation has used hundreds of fake social media accounts since at least 2011 to spread information that secretly supports Iran and reach voters in countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States. United.

Facebook said in its monthly report that accounts blocked due to so-called coordinated fraud have removed eight networks in the past few weeks, one of which is linked to the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Corporation (IRIB).

(Nathaniel Gleicher, head of Facebook's Cybersecurity Policy) said that the IRIB has a lot to do with previously identified Iranian activities on false advertising, but it is too early to say that they are directly responsible for these actions.

Iranian officials have previously dismissed allegations of a campaign to coordinate false information as ridiculous, while the Republic of Iran has become one of the most stubborn participants in influencing operations on the Internet. Facebook, Twitter and Google use social media platforms to improve their geographic policy. National Agenda support groups interact and spread false information.

A Reuters investigation in 2018 found that an operation in Tehran had used more than 70 websites disguised in local media to covertly propagate Iranian propaganda in more than 15 countries. This measure allowed to deceive the Pakistani defense minister at a specific time. The nuclear threat to Israel.

Gretchel noted that the newly identified network uses similar methods, including representation as independent media sites and charities targeting Algeria, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe.

He said the network uses more than 500 Facebook and Instagram accounts to post messages that usually focus on local conflicts or criticize US actions in the region. These reports generally serve the geopolitical interest of Iran.

The researchers said the graphic researchers examined the accounts associated with IRIB and tracked these activities in 2012 from the 2012 Republican primary in the United States.

The researchers added: "Other accounts on the network used a group of virtual characters and animators to support the Scottish referendum attempt to leave Britain in 2014."

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