Tom Cruise works with NASA to produce the first movie in space
Tom Cruise works with NASA to produce the first movie in space

According to NASA director Jim Bradenstein, actor Tom Cruise is working with NASA on the first movie in space. Although details of the project are not yet clear, Bray Denstein said the film would be produced on the International Space Station (ISS).

Jim Bridenstein wrote in his official Twitter account: "NASA is very excited to work with (Tom Cruise) to produce films on the International Space Station. We need popular media. It has inspired a new generation of engineers and scientists with ambitious plans from NASA."

A NASA spokesman confirmed that Cruz will enter space and remain on the International Space Station, but he refused to provide more information, saying that we will discuss the project in detail and everything else in due course. It was too early.

The International Space Station is a $ 1 billion joint venture between five participating space agencies: NASA, Russia, Russia, JAXA, ESA Europe, and the Canadian Space Agency. Since 2000.

The information page (the deadline) first reported about potential cooperation between Cruz and NASA. He said: Although NASA and SpaceX did not confirm this speculation at the time, Cruz was still working with SpaceX to make this movie. .

SpaceX announced in February that it would launch four Earth orbits in late 2021 or early 2022. Passengers will travel aboard the newly developed Crew Dragon spacecraft, which will carry NASA astronauts per month. Later on the International Space Station.

It should be noted that there are almost no satellite movies other than the 2002 documentary "3D Space Station", with the exception of the science fiction movie "Apogee of Fear" (released in 2012). Richard) Richard Garriot was filmed in space.

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