Unlike Twitter ... Facebook does not delete Trump's posts
Unlike Twitter ... Facebook does not delete Trump's posts

Facebook CEO stated that the statute will not repeal or cancel any actions related to President Donald Trump's engagement. Donald Trump has been removed from Twitter due to the glory of violence. (Mark Zuckerberg) said: In a clear policy, this will lead to an immediate compensation risk or a specific risk. ""

Zuckerberg noted that Facebook was closely following the post on discussing Minnesota protests to assess a policy violation of the platform and decided to leave it there. This is because the National Guard should read this article as a warning to the country's behavior.

He said: "We think people should know that the government is considering the use of violence, and our policy to incite violence allows discussion of the use of violence by the state, although I think the current situation raises important questions about the potential limits of such discussions.

Zuckerberg noted that the President of the United States of America softened his remarks in a later article. He said: In the original message, he warned that theft could lead to violence. Facebook decided that the message significantly reduced violence and did not violate it. Politics is very important to people.

Zuckerberg's comments came after the company denied the need to respond to Trump's Facebook posts.

This week, the Twitter platform decided to add a warning in an email fraud link to Trump's tweet and hide another Tweet after the warning because it boasted about violence while Facebook chose not to post to Trump add a link to add email fraud and says: This does not violate company policies.

Facebook declined to comment on his intention to take action against Trump's participation in the Minneapolis protests. This included the phrase "when the theft started, the filming started", which sparked widespread panic among the employees who panicked and asked the company to intervene. (Workplace), the company's internal chat tool.

Zuckerberg explained that Facebook is different from Twitter. And because it did not contain a warning to encourage violence to participate, but she deleted it, she said: "We believe that if participation encourages violence, whether its source is for political purposes or deserves publication, it should be deleted. We ask the White House to explain these guidelines."

He added: "I do not agree with the president's statement, but I think people should be able to see this personally because only after they publicly verify their speeches can they do this." Those in authority can be held accountable. "

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