Zynn .. New TikTok competitor pays to watch
Zynn .. New TikTok competitor pays to watch

(TikTok) There is a new competitor called (Zynn), the app is completely cloned (TikTok) because its main interface is the same and they both need to watch short videos vertically, but the new app prompts you to subscribe and watch videos and convince you others to stand out and do the same.

Although (Zynn) was released in early May, it is now the first free app on the Apple App Store and also appears in the top ten apps on the Google Store.

The difference between (Zynn) and (TikTok) is the countdown mark with the dollar sign in between which hovers over each video so that the timer is full and gives you points when watching the video, and the user must be able to in the future, these gifts will be collected in the form of payment cards or cards .

The upcoming and fast-paced Chinese company has developed the Zynn app to keep pace with video applications in China. The company runs one of the country's largest video apps after (Douyin), the Chinese version (TikTok) and Kaoicho. China has 300 million active users every day.

Kwaiishu uses payment methods to allow viewers to grow in China. The company makes money selling advertising, while Kuaishou recently received a $ 2 billion investment from Chinese technology giant Tencent, which is developing WeChat platforms.

A report released last December stated that this investment should help Tencent reduce the threat (ByteDance), TikTok developer, and Kuai Shou expansion in the U.S. appears to be an extension of this goal, as the company uses the same strategy to engage with (byte dance) and find markets.

(Zynn) The app's rapid growth is associated with the presence of users who watch video rewards and attract new subscribers to existing users. If a user has a large banner in the app, five people can subscribe, which promises $ 110 even though these people will continue to use the app repeatedly.

The app contains many videos because it can extract content from (Kuaishou) and most of the videos (Zynn) are currently from (Kuaishou).

Similar to (TikTok), (Zynn) takes you directly to watch the video when you launch the app. If you want to get a reward, you must subscribe to (Zynn) and provide personal information that you cannot use directly (Zynn) to create an account, instead it should be associated with other services such as Google, Facebook, Twitter or phone number.

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