What you need to know about the next USB4 standard
What you need to know about the next USB4 standard

The universal serial bus (USB) is the most successful and longest standard for data transmission and cable flow in the technical field. Thus the new standard (USB4) is the fastest standard for the next generation. Especially for devices that now require higher performance.

USB-IF published the specifications for the new USB4 standard at the end of last year. It is said that with certified cables, the standard can reach speeds in excess of 40 Gbit / s, which is twice the top speed of the USB 3.2 standard.

Here's all you need to know about the USB4 standard:

1- Higher speed, upgrade bandwidth:

The new USB4 standard should provide twice the speed of the current USB 3.2 standard. This means that when using certified cables, a maximum data transfer rate of 40Gbps is supported, but the speed is supported. Actual value may vary depending on the cable used.

Generally, USB cables use two channels to send and receive signals from connected devices. However, we found that some devices that use USB4 cables can use unidirectional connections, and we also found that the standard DisplayPort 2.0 cable uses USB4 that can convert signals. The bandwidth is increased to 80 Gbit / s.

This frequency is sufficient to support HDR video monitors that support 4K screens. In addition, some compatible devices may support (USB-C) and (Thunderbolt 3) standards in addition to standard charging for USB models, i.e. smartphones and devices if other products are developed. To support fast charging, other products can do this use cables for faster charging.

Devices that support the new wired transmission standard can also support the three highest speeds: 10Gbps, 20Gbps, and 40Gbps.

2- Is it compatible with USB4 with previous versions:

A USB4 Type-C cable compatible with flat connectors is used for most smartphones and laptops, so you can connect a USB4 cable to almost all USB Type-C connectors, but not always the same. the work.

Example: By default, the speed of the USB4 cable slows down when it is connected to the old connector, and, by default, the USB Type-C cable connected to the USB4 connector uses the highest possible transmission speed. You may be able to use USB4 - do not access the cable. At the same speed, you may also need an adapter to use a USB4 cable with a USB Type-A connector, as it is usually used on a PC.

3- Why is it called USB4?

The CEO of the USB Promoter Group said that the USB4 brand was chosen to avoid confusion with other updates to previous USB standards (such as USB 3.1, USB 3.2 etc.).

4- When does the USB4 cable and the device appear?

The official launch date for the new upgrade has not yet been announced, but device manufacturers generally are preparing to introduce new USB technology faster than other standards. So we expect the peripherals and cables to support USB4 later this year.

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