Zoom improves security functionality by purchasing Keybase
Zoom improves security functionality by purchasing Keybase

Zoom, the owner of the Video Conferencing App, today announced important steps to improve security. The company and the United States attorney in New York signed an agreement to protect user privacy and acquired the company from Keybase Secure Messaging.

The company was against claiming that its services depended on comprehensive security and encryption technology: the company plans to develop tools that give the organizer more control and give users the ability to do so. You are sure to attend the meeting.

Zoom is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the blockage caused by the spread of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19), where millions of workers and students work and study at home.

The company announced today (Thursday) its acquisition of Kepes, which provides security services for messaging and file sharing, at an undisclosed price. The transaction aims to increase the security of the application.

Zoom said: It is his coding strategy design project, which will be released on May 22, when he plans to speak to crypto experts and clients and incorporate these comments into the final design before sending it to users. Provide this functionality.

Zoom's concerns about the Zoom platform security prompted companies like SpaceX and Swedish Ericsson to ban employees from using the app. New York Public Schools also banned teachers and students from using the platform and recently lifted the ban.

ZOOM's secure payment is part of a 90-day plan that includes hiring former Facebook security officers and others in the industry, and introducing new versions of programs with better encryption. Security experts welcome this sport.

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