A massive fire destroys the Amazon warehouse in California
A massive fire destroys the Amazon warehouse in California

There was a fire at a distribution facility in Southern California. The sales facility was used to deliver the items to Amazon customers. Initial reports showed that the distribution center was a commercial facility, but a city spokesperson said: The center was leased from a company that signed with a giant online sales company. Works.

"A fire broke out in the warehouse at 2,200 Logonia West Street. There were about 100 workers inside but they were evacuated before the firefighters arrived and firefighters did not appear," said Red Bran spokesman Carl Becker.

Baker explained that the inner warehouse and the inner ceiling had collapsed and that firefighters were trying to spray water on fire, which seemed to have devoured almost the entire spray structure. It started burning burning truck trailers in the loading and unloading area, some of which bore the Amazon logo.

The video shows a huge flame devouring the building and smoking black smoke in the air. According to Amazon, global logistics company Kuehne + Nagel International AG, which is responsible for the distribution center, supports the online retail giant in providing very large products to customers.

The authorities remain concerned about the structural integrity of the building, and firefighters keep a safe distance if other walls collapse. "I think it will be a complete loss," Baker told the building. The cause of the fire is not yet clear, but the investigation will investigate how the fire broke out in modern buildings, including the latest fire protection system.

"We are pleased that everyone is safe. We thank the local firefighters and first aid personnel for their efforts and the site is managed by an external group," Amazon spokeswoman Lisa Lewandowski said in a statement. We will support you throughout the process. "

The adjacent Amazon site was not affected by the fire that destroyed the entire building. The company expects the fire to have minimal impact on customers. The company said it will handle requests from other sites.

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