Zuckerberg vows to review Facebook policies
Zuckerberg vows to review Facebook policies

Mark Zuckerberg explained that Facebook would review the appeal after the social media giant was reacted violently by many employees to its failure to delete the controversial post published by President Donald Trump to compel the state to force voters and policies related to repression with content control.

Zuckerberg admitted in an employee memo that his decision to post Trump's post on the official Facebook page angered many people, and the founder and director of the social networking giant (George · George Floyd (George) Floyd)) protested after the death of the United States.

In response to the protests in the USA, Facebook CEO said: Facebook will consider improving content guidelines as well as developing products to promote racial justice: “I support you for members of the black community.” Your life is important. Black life is very important. ""

Zuckerberg's comments came days after a backlash from Facebook employees, many of whom expressed outrage at the company's decision not to continue Trump's posts, which, according to Twitter, violate its own rules.

Zuckerberg said: Facebook will review the policies related to the excessive use of violence and riots by the police or state, and vote during the Coronal Epidemic.

Zuckerberg had previously said that Facebook deleted any violent incitement message, regardless of who posted it, rather than warning them, but was previously asked about his decision to quit Trump's job. At the time, he said, Facebook policy does not currently cover state use of power, because the law allows the state to use violence.

Zuckerberg encouraged a balanced discussion of change in policy, saying: "Society will search for ways to fix the content of the problem instead of leaving or deleting the content, and I know that many of you think we should deal in one way or another with the" presidential registry "and signaling its decision not to delete the content .

He added: "I am afraid that this method will make us adjust the content we do not like, even if it does not violate our guidelines. I think we should be careful." Zuckerberg was not immediately convinced by Facebook. The guideline has been modified and states: We cannot propose changes we want to make in all these areas.

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