Acer has announced the launch of a laptop with a waterproof fan
Acer has announced the launch of a laptop with a waterproof fan

Acer has launched a new range of laptops and external tablets.

The company claims that Enduro products can withstand the effects of falls, extreme temperatures and water, while being portable enough to move.

The most interesting model of the new production line is (Enduro N3). Thus the computer will be available in August in North America at a starting price of $ 899 and in Europe, the Middle East and Asia in June at a price of $ 999.

According to Acer, "Enduro N3" is suitable for employees who move between multiple locations, for example B. Architects and Event Planners.

The laptop has a 14-inch screen, weighs 1.9 kg, and has a thickness of 0.98 inches. So (Enduro N3) is not the lightest, but it should be easy to carry.

Enduro N3 is certified MIL-STD 810G and IP53. The first certificate ensures durability against accidents such as shocks, falls and vibrations, while the second certificate means that it withstands a certain amount of shock from dust and water.

The laptop also has what it calls Acer (Aquafan), which blocks water from all angles of the laptop.

"With the increasing modernization of the workforce, more and more mobile devices are being used in the wild subjecting to more stringent treatment," Andrew Chuang, general manager of the off-road IT department of Acer, said in a statement.

“Enduro is our new line of powerful laptops and tablets designed to offer our customers lasting performance and exceptional performance,” he added.

At Acer's press conference, company testers installed Enduro in the bathroom and then demonstrated that Enduro is still fully functional and the keyboard is still running.

Talking about the specifications: You can use the 10th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB internal storage. An optional graphics processor (Nvidia MX230) is available.

The company offers several security tools for laptops, including (AEMS), a system that IT personnel can use to better manage their corporate devices.

The system can be used to perform operations such as enabling and disabling remote access to ports and cameras, monitoring system hardware and software, and remotely converting software (such as changes) (BIOS or Windows updates) to everyone.

The company also announced its laptop (Enduro N7), which contains two batteries that can be used for a long time. One can be replaced during operation within 10 hours and has a fingerprint sensor.

The Enduro series includes two 10-inch Windows tablets: Enduro T5 (with a 10-hour replaceable battery and 7th-generation Core m3 processor) and Enduro T1 (with an optional keyboard). Celeron processor.

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