Review PNY 240GB 2 Pack CS900 2.5 Sata III Internal SSD
PNY 240GB 2 Pack CS900 2.5 Sata III Internal SSD

PNY 240GB Solid State Drive Memory Pack PNY Pack of 2 2.5 '' Hard Drive CS900 SATA III (SSD7CS900-240-RB), with (2) All components except USB 3.0 Stromboli SSD Enclosure / HDD

2.5GB PNY CS900 SSD is a good choice for typical SSD (HDD) upgrades. The CS900 was developed to replace the hard drive of any existing computer system easily and at low cost. This shortens startup time, speeds up application execution and improves overall system performance. One of the best parts is that PNY CS900 does not have moving parts and hence rarely fails. The package (2) includes PNY CS900 240GB 2.5 inch Sata III SSD and (2) everything except the Stromboli SSD container for PNY SSD drives.

PNY 240GB 2 Pack CS900 2.5 Sata III Internal SSD Specs
  • SSD with accessory set (2) contains PNY CS900 240GB SSD and (2) all components except Stromboli SDD / HDD container for 2.5 "SATA
  • Update your laptop or desktop! Discover the difference between high-speed application loading and OS startup time, and is PNY-SSD compatible (included) so you can convert SSD or HDD with cover to an external hard drive
  • Excellent typing performance and extremely high speed for typical PC workloads - shock-proof and durable, so getting rid of the computer doesn't destroy everything!
  • Massive performance up to 535MB / s. Read and 500MB / s. Writing Speed ​​- Ultra low power consumption and backward compatible with SATA-II 3 Gbit / s
  • SSD Container Attachment 2 - Use the USB 3.0 socket to protect the SATA 2.5 or SSD hard drive

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