Adobe wants users to uninstall Flash Player
Adobe wants users to uninstall Flash Player

Adobe plans to require users to uninstall Flash Player from their computer before the software reaches the end of EOL scheduled on December 31, 2020.

The move was announced on the new support site (Flash Player EOL) that Adobe released earlier this month (six months out of production (EOL)).

Adobe said: It is planned to stop providing updates as soon as Flash Player reaches EOL history, and removing all links to download Flash Player from its website will prevent users from installing software and continuing to use unattended versions.

The company also announced that Flash content will be blocked by the Adobe Flash Player after the end of the EOL. This indicates that the company has added or plans to add one that is said to be a time bomb in the Flash Player code. ;; To prevent users from using it from next year.

This is one of the most common decisions that software providers want to make in order to prevent users from using their software after their EOL.

The reason for these actions is that Flash Player has always been a constant target for hackers and malware designers. Once Flash Player has reached its end of life (EOL), Adobe does not plan to provide new security updates that expose Flash users to vulnerabilities and attacks. new.

For Adobe, the issue of requiring as many users as possible to uninstall Flash Player before December 31, 2020 is the best solution. It is not clear what this advice would look like, but users can now follow it for Windows and Macintosh users. Uninstall instructions to uninstall Flash Player.

Adobe announced End of Life (EOL) for Flash technology in cooperation with all browser manufacturers in July 2017. These browser manufacturers include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and Facebook, when Facebook relied heavily on Yu Flash technology for its online gaming platform.

Since Flash End of Life (EOL) was announced, Facebook has asked game manufacturers to switch to HTML5 and JavaScript, and browser manufacturers have turned off Flash in their browsers.

Browser manufacturers will remove Flash-compatible code from source code files before EOL in late 2020 or early 2021 or later.

According to W3Tech data, only 2.6% of current websites use Flash technology, compared to 28.5% in early 2011.

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