KINGKONG SMART PoE IP Home Security Camera
KINGKONG SMART PoE IP Home Security Camera

IP67 waterproof
Home security camera is made of high quality metal casing with protection class IP67. He endures all difficult conditions (hot sun, storms, snow days).

Operating temperature ranges from -22 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Compared to plastic cameras, the external Poe Bullet Camera offers stable performance and long life.

Intelligent motion detection
Poe Kingkongsmart 5 MP IP camera supports a special motion detection area and sensitivity to reduce many false alarms. After motion is detected in the monitoring area, a notification is sent to your device to attract your attention.

The built-in microphone can capture sound within five meters of the IP camera. With this function you can clearly understand what is happening in the video.

Use H.265 to save space
H.265 video compression for 5MP external IP camera uses less bandwidth resources so you can enjoy HD video under normal broadband.

Compared to H.264, H.265 can cut hard disk space in half. (Can be switched to H.264 option)

Day and night high-definition vision
Kingkongsmart 5-megapixel camera provides true-to-life colors and allows you to display extremely clear and crisp images through real-time video streaming - you will never miss any detail day or night.

  • 5 MP (2592 x 1944 pixels)
  • Viewing angle of 95 degrees
  • 18 light bulbs
  • Night version 100 feet
  • 3D noise reduction technology

Multiple devices
Wherever you are, you can remotely access Kingkongsmart 5MP Ethernet security camera for live streaming and stay informed of home and work conditions:
KINGKONG SMART PoE IP Home Security Camera
KINGKONG SMART PoE IP Home Security Camera

  • Danale app (IOS / Android support)
  • Dana CMS Client
  • Local NVS client
  • IE browser
Kingkongsmart poe CCTV cameras are not only suitable for home use, but are also ideal for companies like desktop cameras and warehouse surveillance cameras.

2.4 Onvif and POE 802.3AF 48V
The 5V Onvif IP camera is compatible with most devices that support the Onvif protocol.

All Poe IP cameras have HTTPS and SSL encryption functionality. Not only will you get CE and FCC certification, but you can also guarantee data confidentiality.

With a POE (Power over Ethernet), you can use a network cable to transfer power and data without installing a power source. For wired security, you can also install PoE surveillance camera

KINGKONG SMART PoE IP Home Security Camera Specs
  • [5 MP, 100 Ft Night Vision]: Kingkongsmart Audio Poe delivers 2592X1944P sound, 3.6mm HD lens (consisting of 6 filters) and 95 ° wide angle without clear and realistic video distortion. Even at night, the Bullet IP camera is equipped with smart IR-CUT technology, 3D noise reduction technology, 18 infrared LED lights, and night vision of up to 100 feet, so it can provide clear night video.
  • [48V and Onvif POE]: POE Kingo 5 MP IP camera can use RJ45 cable to transfer power and network without power adapter. The surveillance camera can be connected directly to POE-NVR or via POE / POE syringe to NVR. You can also connect an external Poe camera to the power source as a standard wired surveillance camera. ONVIF IP cameras are compatible with all NVRs / DVRs that support this protocol.
  • [Motion Detection / Alert and Multiple Devices / Users]: Onvif-Poe camera supports user-defined detection mode, region, and sensitivity thus greatly reducing false alarms. Once a network security camera detects motion, these notifications are instantly sent to your device. Ethernet IP camera supports many devices such as smartphones (iOS and Android) and computers (IE and CMS). You can also share the home camera privately with your family on your mobile phone.
  • [Audio and H265]: Activate the audio function of the video surveillance camera. The built-in microphone picks up sound within 15 feet. This way you can understand what is happening in the video. The external IP camera is compatible with all NVRs / DVRs that support this protocol. POE CCTV cameras support H.265 video compression format, which can save almost 50% of disk space and 70% of bandwidth without sacrificing picture quality.
  • [IP67 waterproof]: The surveillance camera for external use contains a strong metal casing and a solid rubber coating. These materials have the characteristics of water resistance, lightning protection, wear resistance and anti-aging, thus extending the life of the IP camera so that the external IP camera is suitable for indoor use. And the outdoors. The operating and protection temperature IP67 is -22 degrees Fahrenheit and 140 degrees Fahrenheit (-30 ℃ ~ 60 ℃). Outdoor surveillance cameras can withstand all complex outdoor environments (hot sun, storms, snow days). .

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