After the boycott campaign Facebook decides to block hate speech ads
After the boycott campaign Facebook decides to block hate speech ads

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook said Friday that the company will change its policies to prevent hate speech in ads.

Zuckerberg said: The new Facebook policy prohibits ads that classify people of race, nationality, nationality, class, gender, sexual orientation, or immigration background as a threat to people's safety or personal health.

Zuckerberg added: "I am committed to ensuring that Facebook is always a place where people can use their voices to discuss important issues." He continued: "But I am also against hate or anything that encourages violence or prevents voting, and we are determined to delete this content regardless of its source."

Zuckerberg said: In addition, Facebook will do more to protect immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers from ads that appear to be less important than others, or that their disdain, exclusion, or dislike of their ads.

Before Zuckerberg posted the above comment, nearly 100 brands announced that they would remove their Facebook ads in July or more next year as part of a campaign called #StopHateForProfit. The campaign protested that "Facebook has repeatedly failed to combat widespread hatred on its platform." Zuckerberg did not speak directly to the provinces on Friday.

Zuckerberg also announced on Friday that Facebook will now add tags to the content to preserve it, because even if it violates company policies, it has public importance and value. Facebook users who try to share this content receive a message stating that the released content may violate company policies. Twitter has introduced a similar policy, namely, to delete tweets that are worth posting, especially tweets from world leaders, but to add a clear brand to those tweets.

Zuckerberg said in a post: "Seeing what politicians say is generally in the public interest, and like what politicians say from news agencies, we think people in general should use our platform to watch." ''

It should be noted that this decision was made after Facebook employees were heavily criticized by their employees for refusing to review or monitor President Trump's news in late May. Instead, Twitter issued warnings to warn users of the boss's violent words, and also prevented users from liking or reposting the tweet.

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