Galaxy A42 5G may be the cheapest 5G phone from Samsung
Galaxy A42 5G may be the cheapest 5G phone from Samsung

A report on SamMobile website indicates that Samsung has started developing the Galaxy A42 5G, which appears to be one of the cheapest mid-range phones in the Galaxy A series to support the 5G network launched next year.

This Korean company was one of the first companies to support the fifth generation of network technology in its smartphones. So, Galaxy S10 5G was the first phone to support this technology, then launched a 5G compatible device, which is Galaxy Note 10. Galaxy S20.

In addition to introducing this technology into its flagship phones, Samsung has also launched several mid-range phones that support this technology, such as: (Galaxy A51), Galaxy A51, (Galaxy A71) and Galaxy A71.

Samsung news expert, "Samsung Mobile" said: The company is developing a new model for the SM-A426B and supports 5G network, which will become the international version of its smartphone (Galaxy A42 5G).

The site added that it is interesting to note that no version was found that only supports the 4G LTE network for the phone, which means that the company plans to make technology available to the largest sector in the market. The mid-size phone user market.

According to (Sam Mobile), the phone will provide 128 GB of RAM and will be available in three colors: gray, black and white.

The site shows that only phones supporting 5G networks are compatible with 4G LTE networks. This means that it can be used in countries where 5G networks are not yet available.

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