After the failure Russia lifted the ban on telegram
After the failure Russia lifted the ban on telegram

Russia announced last Thursday that Russia, after not ending the ban on the use of the application, lifted the ban on communication applications, which were very common, despite the fact that the ban lasted for more than two years.

Some Russian media said that the decision was abandoned, but the news agency said that the ban was lifted because the founder of the Russian application (Pavel Dorov) expressed his willingness to work together to fight "terrorism and extremism" on the platform. . .

The authorities said in a statement: They drop the request to restrict the application of the telegram to the Russian prosecutor.

Since telecom agencies require Telegram to provide certain information to the list of government information publishers, Dorov and the Russian authorities do not agree with user privacy issues.

Then, in April 2018, the authorities decided to ban the application, but Telegram developed in Russia as it is the first service for news broadcasters. Even under the blockade, the Russian Foreign Ministry, the National Crown Task Force (Covid-19) and other government departments are using the app to spread information through their official channels.

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