Fortnite criticizes the Apple App Store policy
Fortnite criticizes the Apple App Store policy

More and more companies have announced their support for anti-trust cases against Apple in the European Union. In addition to (Epic Games), they also released (Fortnite) games. Fortnite developers (Epic Games) and Match Group owners. , The data supports anti-trust measures against Apple.

Match Group spokesperson said: Apple is a partner, but it is also a leading platform forcing the vast majority of consumers to pay more for Apple's external applications, which are arbitrarily defined as digital services.

He added, `` Various industries should lose 30% of their profits to support Apple. We welcome the opportunity to discuss this with Apple and set appropriate fees through the App Store and related parties with the European Union and the United States. Fair distribution. ''

Yesterday, the European Union launched two Apple investigations, one of which should take the Apple approach into account, meaning that Apple received 30% of its revenue from app store purchases.

According to Spotify, Apple used its app store to suppress innovation and narrow consumer choices and chose Apple Music Services.

Rakuten, who started the investigation, said Apple's 30% commission for e-books sold through the App Store is not competitive, despite promoting its service (Apple Books).

Apple criticized the European Union investigation and said the iPhone in a statement: "It is disappointing that the European Commission relies on unfounded complaints from a group of companies that refuse to pay, even if they benefit from resources and services."

"These companies do not want to follow the same rules as anyone else. We want to maintain equal opportunities. Anyone with determination and determination can succeed."

Game developer (Fortnite) paid 30% of game revenue to iPhone manufacturers through the Apple App Store. However, these guidelines do not apply to all applications, especially Airbnb except shared transport service applications. Also excluded.

Some video streaming services such as (Amazon Prime Video) also received a special offer, as Amazon does not have to provide a portion of the revenue for personal purchases (such as renting movies or TV shows). ).

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, mentioned these side deals with Apple in a tweet about it. .

Small app developers were also concerned about the iPhone manufacturer's approach.

David Heinemeier Hansson, Basecamp's technical director and new email service, Hey, described Apple as a member of a gang because he had mistakenly refused the update and asked the service to agree to add integrated subscriptions to prevent it being deleted at will.

Apple said that all developers should follow strict business model guidelines. The company declined to comment specifically on Hey's problem, but said if the app wants to grant access to the purchased content, it will review its policies on the App Store. In-app purchase options are required to cross another platform.

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