Amazon faces massive antitrust investigations
Amazon faces massive antitrust investigations

Amazon is facing an increasingly competitive scan because it is affected by coronaviruses, which leads to a sharp increase in retail sales. Investigators from two US states (California and Washington) are preparing to launch an antitrust investigation against Amazon, as Amazon uses its own market to advertise its products instead of third-party products. .

The issue of Amazon's dual role in managing its own products on the retail platform and managing the retail platform is not new, but the Wall Street Journal reported in April that Amazon employees had used sales data to develop the company's products that had alleviated these problems. dilemma. Turn it on again.

The report also prompted Senator (Josh Hawley) to request the Justice Department to investigate. The e-commerce giant was not only the subject of a personal review, but also participated in a national investigation of the anti-monopoly law against large technology companies.

The House of Representatives Technical Competition Committee reportedly wrote to CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Facebook asking them to testify in July.

According to the reports, the information provided by the committee reminded people that summons can be used to compel executives to testify and provide documents.

At the same time, it is reported that the European Union is preparing to file a formal monopoly complaint against Amazon after investigating similar allegations. Once charged, the European Commission will condemn Amazon. This process could take a year and yield the highest annual sales. 10% is good. Amazon.

While Amazon responds to unprecedented growth in demand, these surveys are growing and peaking. The company posted $ 36.7 billion in net sales in the first quarter of 2020, making it the fastest growing e-commerce giant in three years.

However, the revenue of the e-commerce giant is not the only part of its questionable business model. As the former CEO of the company, engineer (Tim Bray) said at the union meeting on June 11: Amazon must be fired because the cloud is the IT company that accounts for most of its revenue. This allows him to support the rest of his work.

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