Amazon helps non-programmers create apps
Amazon helps non-programmers create apps

The Amazon Cloud (AWS) division has announced the launch of Honeycode Beta, a service that allows non-programmers to write applications. Its purpose is to encourage everyone in the company to create their own apps.

The move could help Amazon Cloud Division (AWS) expand its audience beyond programmers, while Amazon Cloud Division (AWS) dominates the cloud infrastructure market and outpace Google and Microsoft.

Amazon Cloud Department (AWS) aims to encourage customers to spend more money by providing more services. This is important because this section represents the majority of Amazon's operating revenue.

AWS said in a statement: (Honeycode) includes a visual interface that allows users to create applications for a variety of purposes, including task management planning and customer tracking.

Amazon employees used the honeycomb to plan the exit, and AWS director Meera Vaidyanathan said she used it to manage the number of employees in the organization.

Developers can create apps for up to 20 users for free and then pay each user for the space the app uses. AWS then calculates AWS based on storage space and number of users.

Users can also focus on building applications without worrying about basic infrastructure. The company stated that its long-term customers (Slack) and (SmugMug) belong to companies that want to use the service (currently available) and the company plans to implement export data from (Honeycode). ).

According to Amazon, many customers said that the demand for custom applications far outweighed the skills of the developers. This is why they developed Honeycode so that everyone can create powerful mobile and web applications. Program without (honeycode) to write code.

Like similar tools, Honeycode provides users with a set of templates for common use cases, such as: b- to-do list authoring, customer tracking and surveys, and inventory management, and many companies rely on shared spreadsheets to supplement these things.

For many years, the Amazon Cloud (AWS) division has been popular with professional developers to provide IT and remote storage services, and in recent years Amazon has attempted to expand its business to include cloud-based applications such as video call services (Carillon), but (AWS) has been successful, these efforts Less.

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