The Trump administration says Huawei is backed by the Chinese military
The Trump administration says Huawei is backed by the Chinese military

The Trump administration decided that major Chinese companies, including the telecom giant Huawei and video surveillance company Hikvision, were owned or controlled by the Chinese military, which laid the foundation for the new U.S. financial sanctions.

Because of national security concerns, Washington put Huawei and Hikvision on the trade blacklist last year and launched an international campaign to persuade its allies to exclude Huawei from 5G networks.

Reuters reported for the first time in a document from the Department of Defense (DOD), which lists 20 companies operating in the United States, which Washington says are backed by the Chinese military.

Ministry of Defense documents include China Mobile Communications
China Telecom and Aviation Industry Corporation

These companies are appointed by the Ministry of Defense. The Ministry of Defense issued legal approval in 1999 to create a list of Chinese military companies operating in the United States, including Chinese military companies owned or controlled by the People's Liberation Army and providing manufacturing and trade services. Or production or export.

The appointment of the Ministry of Defense does not lead to penalties, but the law allows the president to impose sanctions, especially by banning all property of the parties to the list.

Hikvision said the allegations are unfounded, stressing that it is not a Chinese military company and has never been involved in research and development of military applications, but will work with the United States government to solve this problem.

Lawmakers have pressured the Pentagon, from two US political parties, to publish the list, as tensions rise in technology, trade and foreign policy between Washington and Beijing.

In September last year, a group of US Senators wrote to Defense Secretary Mark Esper, expressing concern about Beijing's recruitment of Chinese companies to use emerging civilian technology for military purposes.

The White House has not announced that it will punish listed companies, but a senior Trump administration official said: This list can be considered a useful tool for the US government, companies, investors, and institutions. Academics and partners.

The list could exacerbate tensions between the world's two largest economies. Countries differ in their response to the coronavirus and China's measures to implement security laws against Hong Kong.

The Ministry of Defense also includes the China Railways Corporation and the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, as well as the world's largest passenger train manufacturer. They won contracts in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles through tenders.

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