Apple has closed some stores in the United States
Apple has closed some stores in the United States

Apple plans to temporarily close its 11 stores in the U.S. after increasing the number of cases of corona daily. The iPhone maker has promised that when some US retailers reopen in May, the site will be closed without hesitation. If necessary, others.

Because states allow companies and companies to reopen, people try to return to normalcy, and the United States tries to keep the number of HIV infections low.

Apple is concerned about local health data and has been temporarily closed in four states - Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Arizona.

Recent company closings have seen an increase in HIV infections in all states, more than the total number of HIV infections per day.

The company said that given the current status of the virus in some of the communities in which we operate, we will temporarily close deals in those areas and pay special attention to this situation. Therefore, we take this measure with caution and look forward to our team and customers. Come back as soon as possible.

"Please visit the website for product support, additional purchase methods or other information about our business," she added.

Deirdre O'Brien, Apple's retail and retail vice president, explained in detail how a store could be reopened in the past month, stressing that it is not impossible to close the store again. Business.

She said: Our commitment is to move the business forward and reopen it if we are confident that we can safely return to customer service throughout the business and we will review all available data, including local, recent and long-term local cases and trends as well as national and local health authorities. Behavior.

And she continued: It is not a decision we look forward to. Opening a store does not mean that we will not take any precautions to close it if local conditions permit.

The company requires employees and customers to wear masks or face masks, take temperature tests, and ask health questions to find people with symptoms or people who have recently been exposed to the virus.

Regarding cleaning, Apple said: It performs deep cleaning optimized throughout the day, focusing on the surface and displaying the products and areas of the busiest work.

Apple was reportedly one of the first companies to shut down and slowly reopen its stores in China and around the world during the epidemic.

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