BBC launches first beta version of Beeb Audio Assistant
BBC launches first beta version of Beeb Audio Assistant

The BBC released the first release of the above-mentioned voice assistant (Beeb) for the first group of select users, represented by Windows Insider members in Great Britain, the trial version ten months after the first voice call A. Microsoft Azure AI technology.

A report published in the Guardian newspaper in August 2019 showed that BBC was developing its audio assistant (Beeb) to compete with Amazon Alexa and promised to understand the British accent so that the assistant could work with Radio and TV services Le interact and control the group.

According to Grace Boswood, Director of Design and Engineering (BBC), the idea of ​​a restricted beta is to urge users to try different features in early beta and provide detailed use of BBC data. Follow the training before (Pep).

If you want to try the first release in the UK, you must register with Windows Insider to use the latest version of Windows 10, then download the app (Beeb BETA) from the Windows App Store.

BBC is building its own assistant to improve independence and hopes that the voice assistant can serve better people.

A BBC spokesman said: "The BBC not only has the freedom to create new programs, features and experiences in a certain way without the permission of others, but also the ability to create and develop such services. It makes us more ambitious. Let's the public appreciate that."

The beta can access BBC radio, music, podcasts, news and weather, and provides clear answers based on BBC programs in response to specific requests.

Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft now dominate the interactive language market. To create an Voice Assistant service, including specific customization requirements, the platform owner must approve small changes.

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